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18th Edition of Fibers N Yarns Expo,
Dates: 23rd to 25th January 2025
Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai
Opening hours: Daily: 10:00 am to 07:00 pm


The 12th Edition of Fibres & Yarns which concluded in Mumbai recently after a 3-day run from 6th to 8th April 2017 at the World Trade Centre, met with overwhelming trade visitor response . Over 8000 trade visitors from across India and select from overseas visited the show.

The fair was held in 2 Halls of World Trade Centre. The New Hall (Hall Number 2) had exhibitors from overseas, particularly China. The repeat exhibitors at the show was nearly 95%. These repeat exhibitors have been participating at the exhibition since its 1st edition will display their latest fibres, yarns and fabric collections in Hall Number 1.

It may be noted here that the Indian textile and clothing industry has tremendous potential to scale new heights in the international markets. The prime reason is not only the abundant availability of all types of fibres and yarns such cotton, viscose and polyester fibres and yarns in the domestic market, but the availability of all these raw materials at prices “lower” than international markets.

Even today, all fibres and yarns manufactured in India are available to the textile and clothing value chain as prices which are below the international markets. This price edge needs to be leveraged by the Indian value chain to expand its foot-print in the global markets.

The price advantage alongwith with abundant availability is the most lethal competitive factor in favour of India. This is precisely the reason that Indian textile and clothing exports have been increasing to the international market.

To make available these fibres and yarns to the downstream fabric, garment and home textiles value chain, leading fibre and yarn producers from Indian and abroad unveiled their latest and innovative collections at the 12th Edition of Fibres & Yarns which is scheduled to take place in Mumbai from 6th to 8th April 2017.

Leading specialty fibers and yarns manufacturers, from India and abroad, displayed:; Silver Yarn; Soyabean, Milk and Bamboo fibers (From China); Nylon Micro fibers; Modal and Tencel Fibers; Fire Retardant Viscose; Hi-tech Polyester fibers and filaments for functional fabrics; Pure Silk, Linen and Jute Yarns. The largest collection of Fancy Yarns for woven and knit wears will also be displayed by prominent Indian and Foreign Exhibitors.

The aim of the exposition was to bring different types of fiber and yarn manufacturers on one platform where weavers, knitters and garment brand managers get an opportunity to have a look at the latest and specialty yarn collections for conversion into innovative fabrics and garments.

It is a fact that fashion starts with the selection of the right raw materials. And in case of textile and clothing, fibres and yarns are the most important raw materials which are converted into the final garment or home textiles. The forthcoming event has been scheduled at a time when the industry is planning its production prorgammes for the coming seasons ahead and the Fibers & Yarns Expo gives them an opportunity, not only to see the yarns but also have the fabric samples of the displayed yarns and fibers. Sourcing of the yarns, thus becomes handy for the visitors and they can commit their requirements directly to the manufacturer.

It may be noted here that the demand for textile and clothing in on rise globally and India market is the forefront. Despite the upheavals which we have witnessed globally and within India, the state of Indian textile and clothing industry has remained strong — and it will continue to become stronger thanks to the burgeoning domestic market. This is a reality. And there is every reason to be confident about the long-term prospects of our industry.

Says Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, Tecoya Infotech – organiers of Fibres & Yarns 2017 Expo: “Considering that Indian GDP will continue to remain upwards of 7% and India having the world’s largest population below the age of 40 years estimated at over 200 million and having above average purchasing power, the business opportunities within the domestic will touch a mammoth level. The growth of our economy and the rising desires and aspirations of young Indian will ensure that the demand for textile and clothing keeps on surging year after year.”

The domestic industry has to satisfy the demand of discerned Indian consumer who is scouting for clothing like stylish, causal, cozy and functional and make use of these demands as the lead to drive the consolidation and development of the different industry segments like fabrics, designs, brands and sales and service.

Indian population has developed an urge to splurge. It is following consumption-centric culture. Today, India is home to the ‘Worlds Youngest Population’ and textile industry is uniquely positioned to benefit from this fashion oriented Generation Next.

Of the 1.15 billion population, 54% of Indians are under 25 year of age. This young, economically empowered population is driving increasing consumer demand. And increasing urbanization, increasing income and rising aspiration for a better life, especially, among the lower economic strata are some of the factor reshaping the Indian consumer market. The result of this change is a new Indian consumer who is more discerning than ever, ready to place his money on brand and quality and eager to explore the organized retail market.

With nearly 40% of the merchandise at the 400+ Indian malls and millions of retail stores are apparel and home textiles, the opportunities are more than brighter for the Indian textile and clothing industry. This clearly indicates that India textile industry is expected to see strong demand and continued growth in years to come.

Indian yarn manufacturers investing in R&D for differentiation. Click here to view pdf