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18th Edition of Fibers N Yarns Expo,
Dates: 23rd to 25th January 2025
Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai
Opening hours: Daily: 10:00 am to 07:00 pm

India's No. 1 Trade Fair for Fibers & Yarns

Your Destination for success: Fibers & Yarns 2025

The 2024 Edition received overwhelming trade visitor response with over 9000+ footfalls.

Fibers & Yarns Exhibition has been growing over the last 17 years and January 2025 will once again witness all the leading Indian and International Exhibitors unveil their new collection from 23rd to 25th January 2025.

The Indian textile and apparel industry is currently estimated at US $102 billion of which US $ 62 billion comprises domestic business and US $ 40 billion of exports. The domestic market is expected to grow at CAGR of 5.2% to reach US $ 80 billion by 2021 and exports are forecast to grow at CAGR 9% to reach US $ 62 billion - A total of US $ 142 billion in 5 years by 2021.

It is a proven fact that textiles and fashion starts with the selection of the right raw material. Thus, the growth of the fibers and yarns sector is phenomenal in India considering the projected growth of India's textile and apparel sector from US $ 102 billion to US $ 142 billion by 2024.


Comments of Indian and International Exhibitors:

If you are involved in textile and clothing business then you know that time away from your work-station is precious. You can’t afford to exhibit at exhibitions which are cynical or which are not going to expand your business. In India, expos are a dime a dozen. And the question on everybody’s mind is ‘which is the best expo to attend’. And I believe this is the best expo for the Indian Fibers & Yarn Sector"

-Mr. R. D. Udeshi,

President, Polyester Chain, Reliance Industries Limited.
Comments of Indian and International Exhibitors:

“It is the best exhibition of India. The fair provides an excellent platform to display a comprehensive range of polyester products and visitors can find exactly what they are looking for.”

-Mr. Anil Gupta,

Chairman & Managing Director, Wellknown Polyesters Limited
Comments of Indian and International Exhibitors:

“I was once again pleased to see so many trade visitors at the exhibition. It shows the Indian textile industry is a thriving industry and so many trade visitors came to check upon new and innovative fiber and yarn collection and various end-products displayed by the exhibitors"

-Mr. Pawan Poddar,

Managing Director, Siyaram Silk Mills
Comments of Indian and International Exhibitors:

"The Fibers & Yarns Expo is an excellent event for building the future of the Indian textile value chain. The fashion industry is moving ahead in India and it is clear that downstream industry wants to move ahead. This expo empowers the industry to showcase wide range of products and come up with interesting ideas for the future and help industry become more profitable."

-Mr. Rajeev Gopal,

Chief Marketing Officer, Birla Cellulose
Visitor Comments:

Fibers & Yarns Expo is a great place for networking and I have not missed a single edition since its inception in 2006. I am always very impressed with the quality of the exhibitors.”

-Mr. Rajendra Agarwal,

Managing Director, Donear Industries.
Visitor Comments:

"I don’t believe that I have been as fully engaged in any exhibition for 3 solid days in my entire career! Fantastic and relevant event"

-Mr. Pankaj Kapoor,

Head - Fabric Design, Weavette Texstyles.
Visitor Comments:

“The exhibitor line-up was excellent and proved to be an excellent networking place with all the leading players of the industry. Really enjoyed this Expo - very thorough and professional. What a great experience I had at this event."

-Mr. Prem Sadhwani,

Group Manager (Product Development), Madura Fashion & Lifestyle
Visitor Comments:

“I was very impressed with Fibers & Yarns Expo. This expo provided me with lots of innovative insight to share with my creative team. I will definitely attend the next edition."

-Mr. Rahul Mehta,

Managing Director, 109°F